Yuta JUS

Yuta is a young man of average height with disheveled black hair and dark blue eyes. As a first-year, Yuta’s body language made it obvious that he was under a lot of stress. His posture was very unconfident, and he still has dark circles under his eyelids from a lack of sleep. As a second-year student, Yuta’s hair has grown longer and he wears it in a more relaxed style instead of a spiky one. At his old school, Yuta wore a suit for their uniform. He sported a long-sleeve shirt that stops at his forearms or a black t-shirt and dark green pants for casual wear. After transferring to Tokyo Jujutsu High, Yuta received a specialized uniform. Yuta has a loose white uniform jacket with sleeves that stop at his forearms. He also wears slender blue jeans that tuck into white sneakers that match his jacket. Yuta also often carries his katana case on his back.

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