Why Chainsaw Man Chapter 59 Us for Adult Readers Only

A particularly explicit scene in Chainsaw Man Chapter 59 pushed the issue from the Shonen Jump app to the website to read it.

Chainsaw man cover for Chapter 57


Fans of the shonen manga Chainsaw Man were in for a surprise with Chapter 59. Readers attempting to use the Shonen Jump app to read the chapter were greeted by a disclaimer: “Chapter 59 of Chainsaw Man is 18+ and viewable on the website only.” Previous chapters had been deemed appropriate for younger readers, so why the sudden restriction?

Chainsaw Man follows Denji, a destitute young man who fuses his heart with a type of monster called a Devil. In doing so, he gains the ability to sprout functioning chainsaws from his head and arms. However, he also loses all of his human rights, and is forced to become a government Devil hunter — or else be exterminated. Chainsaw Man has a track record of being graphically bloody and explicit. However, it has never shied away from gory or sexual content. It’s almost a feature of the story, as the sheltered Denji discovers the people around him are just as messed up as he is.

Why Chainsaw Man Chapter 59 Was Rated Ages 18+

From Chainsaw Man Chapter 59

The scene that likely makes Chainsaw Man Chapter 59 “web-only” involves a newly introduced character named Quanxi. At that point, little was known about her, except that she’s Chinese, upsettingly powerful, and has a harem of Devil girls.

Quanxi and a slew of other Devil hunters have traveled to Japan in a bid to kill Denji, although Quanxi seems to be procrastinating by spending time with her girls. The opening pages of Chapter 59 feature the hunter and the Devil girls, fully naked — albeit with strategically covered body parts — and in the midst of a five-person orgy. Oh, and it’s a two-page spread.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 59’s ‘Mature’ Scene Is Intense

Chainsaw Man Vol. 7

Even for Chainsaw Man, the scene is pretty intense for the normally tween-friendly Shonen Jump — hence, the move to Viz Media’s website. Chainsaw Man is the latest in a range of action titles that delve into the explicit for thematic potency. Series like Kaneshiro Muneyuki’s Jagaaaaan or Yuji Kaku’s Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku — another Jump series — use harsh violence and explicit sexual situations to make points about the worlds their characters inhabit. And, although it’s not a shonen title, another classic example of this would be Kentaro Miura’s Berserk, infamous for its extremely graphic disposition.

While moving a Chainsaw Man chapter from app to site is certainly better than outright censorship, this situation is a gentle reminder that these titles don’t exist in a vacuum, although many of us read them in one. They are part of a larger whole, and so still have to consider any audience that might stumble onto them.

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