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Version: 1.1

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 Language: English

Category: Anime


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Whis (ウイス Uisu) is the Guide Angel Attendant of Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Beerus,  as well as his martial arts teacher. Along with the other angels, he is a child of the Grand Minister. Like all attendants, he is bound to the service of his deity and usually does not leave Beerus unaccompanied.Whis has a calm, aloof, peaceful personality, but is absent-minded with a somewhat effeminate nature at times. Very eccentric, his priorities can often seem exceedingly trivial. He remains calm even when his student, Beerus, goes into fits of extreme rage, but can become irritated if Beerus goes too far, but food will calm him down. A very insightful and carefree individual, he rarely gets worked up or surprised by anything not directly involving Beerus, such as being impressed by Hit’s Time-Skip and Goku’s Kaio-ken respectively. He apparently is also a very proud teacher, as upon seeing Goku seemingly master Ultra Instinct, Whis was overjoyed at Goku learning from his lessons. Despite his carefree nature, he is not without fear, as he became very nervous when Zeno wanted to meet with Goku, albeit this is understandable when the situation involves the Omni-King. He also became somewhat exasperated with Goku’s behavior towards the Grand Minister and Zeno, even showing bafflement when Goku gave Zeno his nickname. He is shown to be very well-mannered, always speaking and behaving respectfully to all around him. Likewise, he also dislikes poor table manners, negatively commenting on Beerus’ sloppy eating when visiting a planet.


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