Vegeta (Xeno) SSJ3 JUS

Xeno Vegeta wears battle armor similar to Mira and the other Time Breakers’, albeit black in color. In World Mission, this battle armor model is Xeno Vegeta’s official Time Patrol uniform supplied by Chronoa. During his temporary period as the Black-Masked Saiyan he also wore a Mask with a green ring around the facial area and a Time Breaker symbol.During the Dark King Mechikabura Saga, Xeno Vegeta wears a blue overcoat over his Time Patroller battle armor similar to the overcoat worn by Xeno Trunks.In World Mission, in the Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 2 opening cutscene, Xeno Vegeta is briefly seen wearing Battle Armor resembling Bulma’s original Battle Armor design worn by both his future and main timeline counterparts, before donning the new battle armor supplied to him by

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