Vegeta (SSJ5 )JUS

The only problem with this form, is that it lacks the Power Control that is possible without training in the Previous Super Saiyan forms prior to this (Not Counting False Super Saiyan). When Goku achieved it first, he says that it was hard to control his own power and wreck things, until he soon got control and could hardly control it. When Goku ascends to the Form during the Fight with Xicor, he can do it as easily as Super Saiyan 4, because of this. However, when Vegeta ascended, he could control it a little bit because he can control his Great Ape form, which Super Saiyan 5 is technically the Great Gray Ape form, in a more impact and powerful way (If Vegeta hadnt had this advantage, The Z-Fighters would of had to kill him to stop him from destroying the Planet). Broly can’t even Control his Normal Form, not to say this form. When Broly ascends it, he is almost completely mad, though he can still control it a bit. The Form is also like Super Saiyan 3, as it is hard to stay transformed for a long time, and the form is heavy.

Link Download Char: Vegeta SSJ5 JUS

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