Vegeta Omni JUS

Version: 1.1

License: Freeware

 File Size:  MB

OS: Window + Mobile


 Language: English

Category: Anime


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Rivelio As the creator of this character.

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egeta , also known as Future Omni-King Vegeta is the crown-prince of the fallen Saiyan race and is the second eldest son of King Vegeta. He is the husband of Bulma and the father of Trunks, Bra and Lillian. After Goku’s departure, Vegeta left planet earth to travel to other planets in order to become stronger and improve his god ki. However after hearing there are new threats coming to earth, Vegeta returns to earth and begins to train Shido Goku’s youngest son. Vegeta also appears to be the second most powerful being in the Seventh Universe, surpassing that of Beerus the God of Destruction of that universe, but comparable to that of Gohan and only surpassed by Shido Itsuka and Goku.


Link Download Char: Vegeta JUS

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