Vegeta GT (SSB)


AlvaroTuKiko  As the creator of this character.

► This mod needs to work Unverum

► It goes over costume 03

► Press R1/RB while selecting the character

► How To Dow Load: Click Here

Chơi Video

Vegeta in Dragon Ball GT.In the time between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

Vegeta had grown a mustache (which raises an interesting controversy since Vegeta stated a Saiyan’s hair never changes when responding to a question asked by Goku about Vegeta’s never-changing hairstyle, since King Vegeta also had facial hair), and he also got rid of his armor and now wears a jacket. He is at age 64. However, he shaves the mustache off, shortly after his daughter, Bulla, tells him how much she hates it.

vegeta GT MUGEN

Link Download Char: Vegeta GT (SSB)Fighterz

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