Utakata JUS

Utakata during his time in Kirigakure.

At some point, Utakata became the jinchūriki of the Six-Tails, Saiken. At first a loyal shinobi of Kirigakure, he left the village during the “Bloody Mist” era, and in the manga at some unspecified time either before Gaara’s capture by Deidara,[2] or some time in between Gaara’s capture and the capture of Yugito Nii by Kakuzu and Hidan, Utakata was captured by the Akatsuki, as after Yugito was sealed, according to Pain only three tailed beasts remained uncaptured,[3] and he thus died at the age of 26 from having the Six-Tails extracted from his body. At some point, Kabuto Yakushi acquired some of his DNA and reincarnated him.

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