Train JUS

Version: 1.1

License: Freeware

 File Size: 24 MB

OS: Window + Mobile


 Language: English

Category: Anime



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When Image Training, the fighter involved closes their eyes and pictures a foe, the fighter then imagines themself combating against the imaginary foe. This allows the fighter to determine how an actual battle against said foe would play out.

Image Training is very useful, as it allows one to gain combat experience and come up with new strategies. Because of this, it allows one to train practically anywhere, even in places that are not ideal for standard physical trading, such as confined spaces (such as Frieza’s cocoon in Earth’s Hell) or in an area that would otherwise prohibit a normal training regimen (such as the Nameless Namekian’s Spaceship).

Two fighters can participate in image training together by linking their minds. This allows them to spar with one another.

Link Download Char: Train JUS

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