Super Vegetto 3 JUS

After Super Buu absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo, Goku and Kaioshin decided that fusion was their only hope of defeating the Majin. However, there was no time to teach the Fusion Dance to anyone, so Goku was given a set of Potara earrings. He went to Earth just as Super Buu was about to destroy the planet with an enormous energy sphere. Goku threw one of the earrings to Gohan so they could fuse, but he failed to catch it and it fell into some rock. The half-Saiyan managed to find it, but Gotenks defused inside Buu, costing him about a third of his power. However, he absorbed Gohan, becoming far more powerful and Goku was left to fuse with either Mr. Satan or Dende, neither of whom would be very useful. But he sensed Vegeta’s energy and made it to his location with Shukan Ido, though Buu followed him. At first, the Saiyan prince was uninterested in fusing with Goku and at first, they tried to fight the Majin defused. However they were no match for Super Buu, Vegeta finally agreed to fuse, after hearing what had become of his family.

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