Sung Jin Woo JUS

Jinwoo is a humble and benevolent individual who cares deeply for his family and has a strong thirst for power. As a result, he is very close to both his sister and his mother, and rarely wastes an opportunity to grow stronger.

It should be noted that despite being the strongest hunter in the world, Jinwoo is not particularly arrogant and is both polite and easygoing in-person. He is also mostly indifferent to materialistic desires and can be very selfless, as displayed when he teleported to Jeju Island without a second thought to save the other Korean S-Rank Hunters from certain death. In battle, however, he is ruthless, slaughtering his enemies indiscriminately, and even somewhat disdainful, as displayed when he taunted the Ant King for being an insect and mocked the Architect for his flawed design of the System.

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