Sonic (Classic) JUS

Sonic looks exactly like Modern Sonic before the time of the Chaos incident. Overall, Sonic is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with a round head and an equally round torso. He has blue fur (although in a slightly lighter shade than Modern Sonic’s) that covers most of his body, as well as peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle and torso; and conjoined black eyes. He also has small, triangular ears on top of his head, six quills on his head that are shorter than Modern Sonic’s, two spines protruding from his back, and a short tail.For attire, Sonic wears two lightweight, hyper friction resistant shoes with a white strap, cuffs, dark red soles and a gold buckle; and a pair of white gloves with sock-like cuffs on his hands.

Link Download Char: Sonic(Classic) JUS

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