Sonic (Calibur) JUS

Unlike most of Sonic’s other normal transformations, Sonic himself does not undergo any physical change. Instead, he dons a shining golden armor with silver accents. This armor covers his entire body (except for his tail) and is highly detailed. Noticeably, his feet armor resemble Sonic’s shoes, but with upturned and pointy toes, and sharp cuffs on each side. He also gets sharp kneepads, pelvis plates, small shoulder guards, and wrist cuffs with a sharp end on each of them and a red gem embedded in them. His helmet possesses a visor with silver accents, a red gem on the forehead and wing-like ornaments on the visor joints. The armor also covers Sonic’s quills and are flexible due to their multiple plates. Lastly, the armor is decorated with medieval lines in various places, and a red cape runs down the back of the armor.

Link Download Char: Sonic Calibur JUS

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