Sonic (Black) JUS

Sonic Black is a bad guy who loves to kill anyone for fun and tried to blame on the real Sonic, but Sonic proves his innocence that he was his doppelganger Sonic Black the real culprit and not him.Angry, Sonic Black later attempts to conquer Mobius by ruling the world as a god. But Sonic and Shadow fuse into Hyper Shadic and attacks Sonic Black. Sonic Black turns into Super Sonic Rose and vows to attack Shadic with his fists. But Sonic Black realizes that Shadic is stronger. Angered by the citizens of Mobius, Sonic Black brutally kills Cosmo with a knife by stabbing her to death in front of Vector the Crocodile. Vector horrified of Sonic Black mourns the loss of Cosmo.

Link Download Char: Sonic Black JUS

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