See You in My 19th Life Gives Fans a Heartbreaking Look at Ji-eum’s Past Lives

One life is already hard enough to live through, but 19 of them? See You In My 19th Life‘s Ban Jieum has some experience with that.

In anticipation of the upcoming live-action adaptation of the hit, webcomic See You in My 19th Life, the streaming platform tvN has released a highlight reel spotlighting the various key moments of the drama. Ban Jieum has lived through decades upon decades and has had numerous ups and downs. From a child star dancing on TV to an archer to a man who can hold his liquor well, Jieum has done and lived through it all, enduring both great happiness and great pain. The reel dives into Jieum’s childhood friend Moon Seoha’s trauma, culminating in Jieum reuniting with Seoha and her sister from her past life.



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See You in My 19th Life’s Talented Cast

See You in My 19th Life has racked up a considerable amount of hype due to how popular the webcomic is. Developed by Studio Dragon, Lee Najung will direct the live-action adaptation with Choi Younglim writing. See You in My 19th Life marks Shin Hyesun’s return to television acting after her last role as Queen Cheorin in the 2020 romcom series Mr. Queen. Ahn Bohyun, who plays Moon Seoha, has acted in the 2020 hit series Itaewon Class and starred in the 2021 series My Name. Ha Yoonkyung, who appeared in Hospital Playlist and Extraordinary Attorney Woo, plays Jieum’s younger sister Yoon Chowon who pursues Seoha’s childhood friend and secretary Ha Doyoon, played by Ahn Donggoo.

Most reincarnation stories usually have the protagonist struggling to remember their previous life, but See You in My 19th Life‘s Ban Jieum is different: she can remember all 18 of her lives. Despite resolving not to make contact with anyone in any of her previous lives, as soon as she moves on to the next, something is different about her 18th life. After a tragic accident cuts it short, Jieum decides to break her rules and seek out the boy she met, Moon Seoha. The Korean title translates literally to Please Take Care of Me in This Life as Well.

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Lee Hey’s Works Receiving Adaptations

Debuting on WEBTOON in December 2020, Lee Hey’s See You in My 19th Life has been viewed over 84 million times and has earned a 9.87 rating. The series concluded in December 2022 with 114 chapters, including eight spin-off chapters. Lee Hey’s other work, A Good Day to be a Dog, will also receive a live-action adaptation with Park Gyuyoung and ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo starring.

See You in My 19th Life airs on June 17, streaming in select regions on Netflix. All the chapters from the webcomic are available on WEBTOON.

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