Return of the Living Dead Reboot Announced

   Perhaps someone needs to call more paramedics, because the Return of the Living Dead franchise is getting rebooted.

   Per Collider, it’s been announced that Return of the Living Dead is getting a new installment, but it won’t be an outright remake of the original film. The intent is to expand upon the existing world that was introduced in the original movies, though it’s unclear if this means that there will be any returning actors featured in prior installments. In any case, a sixth Return of the Living Dead film is officially in the works, and it’s promised that the reboot will include the same brand of R-rated dark humor the series is famous for.

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   “Our reboot of Return of the Living Dead will expand the existing world created by the original 5 films, while staying true to the R-rated, sci-fi, horror, dark comedy roots adored by fans of the cult classic around the world for the last 35 years,” reads a statement by Living Dead Media.” We are excited to resurrect this storied franchise for current fans and new generations of zombie fans.”

   A director for the project has also been revealed. Word is Steve Wolsh (MuckKill Her Goats) will be helming the reboot. There’s not much else which has yet been shared, such as cast members or others who might be involved.

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   The franchise kicked off in 1985 with the original Return of the Living Dead from director Dan O’Bannon. It serves as a spoof of the brand of zombie horror that had been popularized by George A. Romero’s films of the era. It was a success with critics, garnering an approval rating of 91% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, and was up for several Saturn Awards. To this day, the movie still remains one of the most popular zombie films of all time with horror fans.

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