Oren Caulifla V.1 JUS

Oren attacks Universe 6 alongside Kamin. In the anime, he first battles against the Super Saiyans Kale and Caulifla but handles them with such ease that it fails to impress him. He calls out to Kamin, noting that her opponent, Hit, seems tough and switches places with her upon her suggestion. After clashing briefly with Hit, he acknowledges his strength, looking forward to their battle. When Hit attempts to use his Time-Skip ability, Oren is unaffected and appears behind Hit and grabs him by the neck saying that it won’t work on him as he has been input with information on his techniques but Hit catches him off guard by elbowing him in the stomach before throwing and blasting him. However, Oren’s damage is almost immediately regenerated and he counters with a Smash Break that floors Hit.

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