One Piece Theory: Cross Guild Will Recruit All the Other Warlords

One Piece has really been heating up over recent weeks. Not only is the anime at an all-time high in terms of quality and ratings, but the manga has also been showcasing some incredibly exciting moments. What makes things all the more interesting is that for the last while, the spotlight has been on everyone but the Straw Hats.

One group in particular that has been receiving plenty of attention is the newly formed Cross Guild. Headed by Mihawk, Sir Crocodile and Buggy, this group of ex-Warlords has become a notorious force to be reckoned with, with the latter of the three even being crowned one of the new Yonko. Recently, it was revealed that the group desires more strength and capital, especially now that Buggy is forcing them to go after the One Piece. Strangely enough, it seems that their best bet on both counts would be their former colleagues.



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One Piece’s Warlords Need Cross Guild

Edward Weevil in the One Piece anime

Of all the things that came out of the “Reverie” arc, one of the most notable was the dissolution of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. While the Warlord system had been on its last legs for a while, it was still very beneficial to those who were part of it. It allowed these pirates to do pretty much what they wanted without fear that the Navy or World Government would come after them. However, since the system came to an end, for one reason or another, the Warlords have become victims to every other major player.

Gecko Moria, Boa Hancock and even Trafalgar Law were attacked, their forces decimated by Blackbeard and his crew. Weevil and Doflamingo were arrested by the World Government, though the latter was brought in before the Reverie. Bartholomew Kuma has been seemingly broken in every way imaginable and was even one of the Celestial Dragons’ slaves, though he was saved by the Revolutionary Army and is now mysteriously trying to climb the Red Line. The only ex-Warlords who are doing well are Jinbe and Blackbeard, with the former part of a Yonko’s crew and the latter a Yonko himself.

Considering all this, joining Cross Guild would be the best solution for the vast majority of the ex-Warlords. Cross Guild has the resources and sufficient strength that if they were to join, the organization would become an even greater force to be reckoned with. Even Blackbeard and Shanks would have to think twice before attacking it. Joining Cross Guild provides more than just security, but also the opportunity to achieve their desires. Both Doflamingo and Weevil would attain their freedom, while Moria, Hancock and Law would get their chance at revenge against Blackbeard, as Cross Guild is now also going after the One Piece. Cross Guild was founded on the idea of a mutually beneficial relationship between ex-Warlords, so the others joining would fit perfectly.

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Cross Guild Needs One Piece’s Warlords

Doflamingo gloats over a hostage in One Piece

As notorious as the organization is, Cross Guild needs to boost its strength and financial resources if it wants to be able to compete with other Yonko crews, as all three of its leaders have acknowledged. This makes recruiting the other former Warlords a no-brainer. While at the moment, almost none of them seem to have a large amount of funds, they each have a substantial amount of power that should be sufficient to help the organization acquire more money. Hancock is not only an incredibly powerful pirate but also has the entire army of Amazon Lily at her side, which would not only increase the number of Cross Guild’s fighters but significantly increase their combat strength. Moria could also be useful in that regard, as he could potentially make a new zombie army to aid the organization.

Law and Weevil would likewise make incredibly valuable members. Even though they don’t do much to add to Cross Guild’s forces, neither of their strengths is anything to be scoffed at. Law is strong enough to fight against two Yonkos at once, albeit with help from others, while Weevil’s strength is reportedly on par with Whitebeard’s in his prime. Arguably though, the ex-Warlord who would be most useful is Doflamingo, especially in regard to Cross Guild’s financial situation. Known as “Joker” in the criminal underworld, Doflamingo was an incredibly successful and dangerous businessman, with more connections than Cross Guild would ever need. He also has special information thanks to his Celestial Dragon heritage — specifically, about a treasure the Celestial Dragons are hiding. If he were to join Cross Guild, it would be easy to imagine the organization’s financial issues disappearing.

Though all of this is conjecture, it appears likely that the story is going to go in this direction or at least something similar to it. It seems far too coincidental for all the Warlords to be in such bad situations at the same time, a group made up of other former Warlords forms. The fact that the goals of each mostly line up with the others adds even more fuel to the fire. Considering that the series feels like it’s setting up a major conflict with every major organization and group, it would be very exciting to see how Cross Guild fits into all this.

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