One Piece Crocodile Is a Powerful Boss in Epic Genderswapped Cosplay

Crocodile, the former Warlord of the Sea and leader of Baroque Works receives a feminine makeover in an impressive genderswapping One Piece cosplay.

One Piece: Is Crocodile Still a Credible Threat?

Years ago, One Piece mangaka created artwork of a genderswapped Crocodile, and one talented fan has transformed that idea into intimidating cosplay.

Crafted and uploaded on Reddit by TheLoneliestExpat, the genderswapped Crocodile time costume features many key aspects of the former Warlord of the Sea’s canonical design, including the large golden hook, facial scar and signature cigar. Still, the fan-made outfit gives the character a feminine edge by incorporating a short skirt and impressive high heels. While the cosplay has some aesthetic differences, the cosplay perfectly captures Crocodile’s confident and intimidating personality in the pictures.

One of many fan-favorite characters in One Piece‘s massive story, Crocodile was one of the first major antagonists that Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates faced. As such, he serves a popular inspiration for fan-made content. Beyond TheLoneliestExpat’s cosplay, a former Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment employee posted their incredible 3D animation of the leader of Baroque Works that beautifully brings his sand-based Devil Fruit powers to life.

The Intriguing Fan Theory Centered on One Piece’s Crocodile

Moreover, Crocodile features at the center of a prominent theory within the One Piece fandom. According to the theory, Crocodile is not only a transgender man but also Luffy’s other biological parent, having given birth to the meat- and battle-obsessed protagonist. It uses a myriad of evidence to support its claims, like the former Warlord of the Sea’s connections to Okama Kingdom leader Emporio Ivankov — whose Devil Fruit abilities allow him to control hormones — to the aforementioned artwork by Oda.

One Piece has a surprising amount of gender diversity and representation throughout its narrative, with Ivankov, Yamato, the transgender son of Kaido of the Beasts, and Kikunojo, a transgender swordswoman from the country of Wano, being notable examples. This acceptance and celebration of the pluralistic nature of gender also manifest within the One Piece fandom. For example, another Reddit user shared their genderswapped interpretation of Roronoa Zoro with a cosplay highlighting the Pirate Hunter’s unique fighting style.

Standing as the undisputed best-selling manga of all time with over 516 million copies in circulation worldwide, Oda’s ongoing masterpiece first appeared in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1997 and has well over 1,000 individual chapters. The narrative follows Luffy and his eclectic pirate crew sailing across the Grand Line and searching for the titular treasure. Toei Animation’s anime adaptation won Best Ongoing Series at this year’s Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

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