Mai’s 10 Best Personality Traits In Dragon Ball Super

   While many newer Dragon Ball fans are just starting to get wind of her, Mai has actually been a recurring character in Dragon Ball since the start of the series. She was first introduced as a criminal and part of the Pilaf gang, though she’s notably had a change of heart in Dragon Ball Super.

   Mai’s redemption has taken her from a mere side character and villain in Dragon Ball to now one of the main characters in the most recent arcs of Dragon Ball Super — not least due to her relationship with Trunks. With the increased attention she’s getting in DBS, many of the more nuanced parts of her personality are being explored for the first time in the series, and they’ve shed new light on Mai’s endearing qualities as a character.

   10 Mai Is A Hard Worker

Mai working hard in the Dragon Ball Super manga.


   While Mai used to be contented with stealing from others to get what she wanted during the original Dragon Ball series, she has really come into her own in Dragon Ball Super. While she was likely always a hard worker, this quality has come to the forefront in a more positive way since she began working with Pilaf and the others at Capsule Corp.

   Not only does Mai have to go to class in order to keep up appearances, but she also has to complete the quota given to her and the others at Capsule Corp. While this would be overwhelming to some, Mai is a hard worker who doesn’t mind buckling down and doing what she has to do to get by.

   9 Mai Has Always Been Intelligent

The Pilaf Gang, Shu, Pilaf, and Mai in Dragon Ball.


   Despite Mai showing a bit of a ditsy side in the past, she is unquestionably intelligent. She has a lot of technical expertise and has built many of the gadgets that Pilaf’s gang used in their failed attempts at thievery in the past.

   Considering the Pilaf gang used extremely advanced technology such as Mecha Robots, Mai will have had to have a considerable level of expertise in order to build such devices. Currently, as a worker at Capsule Corp, Mai puts her knowledge of technology to good use in helping build whatever next-generation gadgetry Bulma might require of her.

   8 Mai Is Willing To Risk Her Life For Others

Future Trunks heals Gowasu and Future Mai in the Dragon Ball Super manga.



   In the future timeline, Mai demonstrated numerous times her unwavering resolve to defend others, even at the cost of her own life. Her bravery in the face of danger and caring attitude cause the others in the resistance to look to her as a leader.

   After Trunks is critically injured while trying to hold off Zamasu until Goku and Vegeta return, Mai decides to take things into her own hands. Knowing that Trunks will put his life on the line if he goes out to fight again, Mai attempts to snipe Goku Black with a magical bullet, but she ultimately fails. Trunks shows up just before she is hit with a ki blast, but Mai’s willingness to risk her own life to protect Trunks didn’t go unnoticed.

   7 Mai Takes Care Of Her Responsibilities

Mai caring for Pan in the Dragon Ball Super anime.


   In Dragon Ball Super, Mai and the rest of the Pilaf Gang are clearly appreciative that Capsule Corp took them in and gave them jobs. That’s why, while she could have accepted Trunks’ invitation to go out and ignore her work for the day, Pilaf takes care to remind Trunks that they’re only allowed to stay there as long as they complete their quotas.

   This fact is not missed by Mai, and as such, the conversation really ends there. Of course, this causes Trunks to take a rather rash course of action in order to ensure Mai can have Saturday off, but at that point, it’s out of her hands.

   6 Mai Is Willing To Be Honest

Trunks with Mai at school in Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 89.


   In the past, Mai was as dishonest as they came. As a thief, con artist, and all-around criminal, Mai was never the type to be genuine with anyone other than the other members of Pilaf’s gang. In Dragon Ball Super, though, Mai has seemingly turned everything around and become a much more genuine, honest person.

   For example, when Trunks asks her to go to the movies to see Clean God, Mai displays one of her most genuine qualities. Instead of making an excuse like a more dishonest person might in order to avoid going out with him, she keeps it real and tells him that movies just aren’t really her thing — at least the Clean God movie, anyway.

   5 Mai Is A Caring Person

Future Trunks and Mai from Dragon Ball Super leave in the time capsule.


   In the Future timeline of DBS, Mai is something of the group mother for the resistance; often taking care of those who are sick or have been injured in battle. Similarly, when Trunks gets injured, she does everything she can to nurse him back to health.

   Even in the present, though, Mai displays her considerate disposition by caring for Bulma when she is pregnant. Since Vegeta is off fighting for Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power, Mai ensures that Bulma has everything she needs while he’s gone — a far cry from how she treated Bulma when they were both younger.

   4 Mai Appreciates A Great Hero

Mai impressed by Saiyaman X-1 in Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 89.


   When Saiyaman X-1 saves her, Mai immediately gets a strange sensation that comes over her. She says that it was almost like a long-forgotten feeling coming back to her — clearly referencing the feelings for Future Trunks that she developed years prior.

   Little does she know, the younger Trunks was the one that saved her all along, though she really only has eyes for adult Trunks, who she came to associate with Saiyaman X-1. Though this only makes the situation more complicated for Trunks, it still shows that Mai admires heroic qualities in a person, such as courage and strength — qualities that Trunks doesn’t give himself enough credit for having.

   3 Mai Has The Courage To Fight For Her Cause

Mai in Dragon Ball Super.


   During the future timeline, Mai displays amazing acts of bravery in standing strong against the unbeatable enemy that was Goku Black. Even though she knew she couldn’t win, Mai wasn’t willing to just give in and allow everyone who relied on her to die without putting up a fight.

   Mai also showed incredible proficiency with weapons, as seen when she fired at and hit Zamasu with a sniper bullet from long range. When Future Trunks meets young Mai in the present timeline, he explains to her how brave she was in the future and how instrumental she was in helping him get back to the past.

    2 Mai Is Too Observant To Be Easily Tricked

Future Trunks and Future Mai prep in Dragon Ball Super.


   In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89, fans got a direct look at Mai’s distinct ability to tell when something isn’t quite right. While Android Beta-1, also known as Baytah, was able to trick many of Trunks’ classmates, Mai was not so easily fooled.

   Right from the beginning, Mai could tell that something was off about the new kid in class, and her keen powers of observation proved correct. While all the other kids in class found themselves consistently impressed with their new classmate, Mai looked at him suspiciously and eventually was the first one to recognize he was actually an Android.

   1 Mai Is Far More Mature Than Others Who Look Her Age

Emperor Pilaf, Mai, and Shu in Dragon Ball Super.


   While it should go without saying, considering Mai’s actual age far exceeds that of her body, Mai is extremely mature. She doesn’t have any place for fawning over boys or engaging in the other nonsense girls the age of her body are busy doing.

   Instead, Mai spends her time appreciating the little things in life, such as working hard to make an honest living and applying her technological knowledge to help the world through Capsule Corp. After all her years of villainy and criminality, Mai finally seems to have grown up into an independent and mature person who can think for herself without Pilaf.

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