Luffy Gear 5 JUS

Aligning with the Mythical Zoan nature of this new form, Luffy’s already rubbery body gains strength, freedom and durability that surpasses what he would receive from his previous forms, to the point that it is now even cartoonishly malleable, with Kaidou likening it to “something out of a picture book”. An example of this is when Luffy took a direct hit from one of Kaidou’s Bolo Breath attacks, only to come out of it being barely hurt, his body being charred (somewhat comedically) and then him running back through midair to fight Kaidou. Another example is when he took a hit to the head from Kaidou’s Hassaikai, only for his head to warp and wrap around the weapon and its spikes, or when Kaidou tried to smash him into the ground, his body was simply squished instead and later returned to its original shape.

Link Download Char: Luffy Gear 5 JUS

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