Kurogawa JUS

Described as a “Born Loser” who failed at everything, who lost to everyone at everything, which in turn made him stronger than everyone. He was always negative, and could hurt people as easily as you and I breathe. His need to destroy was as strong as one’s need to eat. He was the type that seriously contemplated killing every human on the face of the planet, himself included. Medaka didn’t see that as an obstacle, so she tried to talk to him, to sympathize with him. She never once thought that she’d lose, but she couldn’t defeat Kumagawa, which led her to using Perses Mode for the first time. She attacked him and forced him to leave the school, but she still felt crushed by the fact that she couldn’t do anything positive for him. To this day, she still berates herself for not being able to help Kumagawa.

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