Jujutsu Kaisen Fan Complaints Lead Viz to Fix Its ‘Lazy’ Translation

   The consistent complaints from Jujutsu Kaisen fans about poor translation have led Viz Media to take action by reworking the latest chapter.

A happy Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen.


   The following contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 221 “Gain and Loss,” available now in English through Viz Media.

   The complaints of Jujutsu Kaisen fans have made their way to the top of Viz Media, causing them to alter the translation of Chapter 221, “Gain and Loss.”

   As reported by Red Bean Anime, the dialogue uttered by Satoru Gojo after his long-awaited return in the manga’s latest chapter was altered by Viz Media after fans expressed their displeasure with the “lazy” translation. The original dialogue of the final panel — wherein Gojo confidently declared he would defeat the mainstay antagonist Ryomen Sukuna after being asked, “Would you lose?” — has been changed from the simple phrase “No,” to the more dynamic “Nah, I’d win.”

   Jujutsu Kaisen Fans Were Disappointed With The Translation

   The complaints over the initial translation claimed that the simple one-phrase answer of “No” was too reductive and didn’t fully reflect the resolve and fortitude of the character. In addition, fans were also quick to point out that the original dialogue was a direct reference to Chapter 3, “For Myself,” where Gojo responded with “Nah, I’d win,” after Yuji Itadori asked if he could defeat Sakuna if he were to gain his full powers. The translation now reflects the same answer Gojo gave years ago.

   Jujutsu Kaisen Translation Issues

   Unfortunately for Viz Media, this is not the only time they were criticized for lazy translation in Gege Akutami’s JJK series — as the company found itself under fire for Chapter 220, “Self-Purification, Self-Restraint.” This installment featured a dialogue passage from the character of Shoko Ieiri that fans labeled awkward and confusing. They claimed the odd passage misrepresented the character’s inner thoughts and portrayed her as petty and childish.

   Readers had been waiting for the popular sorcerer Satoru Gojo to return to the manga for over 1000 days after he was trapped in the Prison Realm by Kenjaku in Chapter 91, “The Shibuya Incident (9).” This long wait built a lot of anticipation for his eventual re-introduction, which came in the latest chapter after he was rescued by Hana Kurusu using her Angel’s curse technique, Jacob’s Ladder. After finally escaping his entrapment, he instantly went on the warpath by setting his sights on Sukuna.

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