JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Has a Knack for Show-Stealing Secondary Protagonists

   Caesar, Bruno and many other supporting characters steal scenes and often the series from the brilliant Joestars in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.



   The Joestar family contains many over-the-top and show-stealing individuals who successfully carry the flag for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise. Nonetheless, the secondary and tertiary protagonists, who captivate the audience with genuine emotions, unique characteristics or unforgettable presences, eclipse the dynamic Joestar family in almost every part of the story. Since JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1, Araki’s knack for charming side characters has become evident.

   Speedwagon’s unexpected likability and humanity were a refreshing breath of air from Jonathan’s hyper-pure heroism. While Speedwagon and Jonathan aren’t the finest examples of Araki’s character mastery, they begin the trend that prevails through the franchise. Part 2 sets the bar for endearing and powerful secondary leads as Caesar quickly endears himself to Joseph Joestar and viewers with his sensitivity and raw emotion. After Part 2, there is no turning back, as Araki further refines his writing to develop iconic casts of supporting characters.

   Caesar Adds Intense Emotions to Battle Tendency

Caesar and Joseph Joestar


   Joseph and Caesar immediately develop a sibling-like rivalry because of their dissimilar traits that begin violently, only to evolve into mutual respect and brotherly love. Their positive rivalry establishes Caesar as assertive, charismatic and prideful. When he pulls one over on Joseph, it makes a huge impact, indicating that Caesar is a character to watch.

   Even though Joseph develops a strong desire to stop the Pillar Men, the intense struggle between Wamuu and Caesar is Part 2’s most potent feud. Impacting Joseph, Wamuu and the whole of Part 2, Caesar’s importance and memorability are undeniable. Even the taciturn Lisa Lisa wept at the loss of Caesar, while the cold Wamuu acknowledged his human opponent as worthy and admirable. Caesar stole the show by impressing his super passionate nature on everyone who crossed his path.

   Polnareff and the Other Joebros Keep Stardust Crusaders Moving

Jean Pierre Polnareff from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.


   JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure expanded the groups of Joestar cohorts in Part 3, Stardust Crusaders — a trend that runs through the rest of the franchise. Each member of the larger posse had their scene-stealing moments, but Jean Pierre Polnaroff, through behavior over-the-top even for JoJo, lends himself the most. He adds the necessary levity to Jotaro’s frequently overly serious crew.

   Polnareff’s code of honor and penchant for admiring beautiful women build quick bonds with Joseph and, eventually, the rest of Jotaro’s team. His arrogance and chivalry put him into endless awkward and dangerous situations. These often self-made issues bare lots of entertainment and humor that adds refreshing moments to the often monotonous Stardust Crusaders.

   It Is Easy to See Koichi as the Hero in Diamond Is Unbreakable

Anime JoJo Koichi Evolved Stand


   Even with Josuke’s magnetic presence and kind-heartedness, the timid and pure aspects of Koichi rendered him a scene-stealer who almost took the reins of the lead protagonist. Both individuals mesh perfectly together to uncover the mysteries of their quirky small town. Playing the reluctant straight man to the brave and optimistic Josuke places Koichi in intense situations.

   Throughout Diamond Is Unbreakable, Koichi grows more than any other character — a trait mirrored by his Stand. Watching Koichi overcome his weaknesses to make solid connections and save the day feels more earned than the already confident Josuke’s successes. Part 4 surges with wealthy individuals who grow or reveal hidden characteristics, but none are as human and endearing as Koichi. Indeed, there are few characters in the franchise as relatable as Koichi. He crosses into the next part of the series as the connection point between stories.

   Bruno Is a Magnetic Scene-Stealer in Golden Wind

Bruno Bucciarati uses his stand Zipper Man against Giorno in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


   Araki has made numerous memorable and brilliant characters, but the gang of protagonists in Golden Wind teems with thoughtful members. Mista’s peculiar nature and a hilarious connection with his Stand and Narancia’s innocence and eagerness make him highly likable. Still, their boss Bruno Bucciareti could easily be the star of his own series. It is Bruno’s ambition and connections that drive the group onto their dangerous journey.

   As an affable gangster who looks out for civilians and willingly rebels against his mysterious and dangerous boss upon realizing his boss is trying to kill his daughter, Bruno is captivating. His righteousness and drive perfectly lean into the calculating and self-sacrificial aspects of Giorno. Bruno takes the lead in many instances, and his innovative and stunning Stand becomes a true hero for individuals in the story and a favorite for those experiencing it.

    Araki’s knack for character writing has birthed numerous unforgettable people like the iconic Dio or the series-spawning Rohan Kishibe. Often, these characters steal the show and become fan favorites while leading the narrative with their ambitions or rich histories. Upstaging the less never hurts the story — it only allows it to connect with broader audiences while highlighting more than just the Joestars.

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