Isshiki OP JUS

Upon the formation of Kara, Isshiki through Jigen became its leader and acquired a new Ten-Tails seedling; the Inners collectively agreed on obtaining the Chakra fruit[1] by cultivating a new God Tree huge enough to devour all life on Earth. With Kaguya’s betrayal and eventual sealing leaving Isshiki alone, he was left with no other option but to use himself via Jigen as the sacrifice for the Ten-Tails, in order to make it bloom into a God Tree. Passing on reviving himself through Jigen as his body would die within a few days as it wouldn’t bear his chakra, he instead opted to cultivate Jigen’s body as much into an Ōtsutsuki as possible to be fed to the Ten-Tails for its growth. With this intent, Isshiki began preparing for a new vessel to embed another Kāma seal once he fed Jigen and himself to the beast.

Link Download Char: Isshiki JUS

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