Hyper Sonic JUS

When the player reaches The Doomsday Zone as Sonic after having collected the seven Super Emeralds, Sonic will automatically turn into Hyper Sonic for the final battle against the Final Weapon. When beginning this Zone, Hyper Sonic starts out with fifty Rings. More Rings can be obtained throughout the boss battle to compensate for the player’s decreasing Ring count. Should Sonic de-transform here however, the player will lose a life. Also worth noting is that even though Hyper Sonic is invulnerable to all attacks and obstacles in this Zone, their impacts can still send him reeling backwards for a few seconds from stunning him. In The Doomsday Zone though, Hyper Sonic gains additional abilities: he can fly around the screen and shoot forward with a small burst of speed whenever the jump button is pressed. Also, after clearing The Doomsday Zone as Hyper Sonic, he will appear during the ending credits.

Link Download Char: Hyper Sonic JUS

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