Goku Ultra Instinct

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Autonomous Ultra Instinct is a very rare and highly advanced mental state. It is notorious among the gods for being exceptionally difficult to master, even for them.

This ability can only truly be used once the transformation that enables one to utilize it is achieved, this transformation must then go on to be completed and further refined. It is, however, possible to utilize this ability, or its principles, to a limited degree without the transformations. Autonomous Ultra Instinct is considered the “absolute peak” for those who master the martial arts. It effectively allows for each and every part of the users body to think and move independently of all the other parts, as opposed to how a person normally has to think about their movements beforehand and let the command travel from the brain and through the nervous system, a sequence which wastes precious fighting time, as command signals only travel through the nerves so fast.


Link Download Char: Goku Ultra Fighterz

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