Goku 1000 Year Old V.2 JUS

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Author: Thánh phê

 Language: English

Category: Anime


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Thánh Phê As the creator of this character

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Goku after the 1,000 year time-skip in Dragon Ball Omniverse. He first appeared in the Return of the Gods Saga to help Adrian fight  Majin Beegito. His debut was short as he was killed immediately. He has been shown to be an entirely different version of Goku and may be a completely different being. His personality is very different from Goku’s and his overall stature is different too besides the hair and skin color. 

He is identical to Goku except for his hair. His hair is spiky and points in all directions just like his. He also has similar light skin tone. The only difference is his muscle mass. He is way skinnier than the actual Goku at the time of Dragon Ball Omniverse and has way sharper than eyes. Aside from those two differences the two Goku(s) are identical.

He wears Dragon Ball AF Goku’s Gi. This consists of a blue Gi with a green undershirt with blue pants. He wears a black belt with a silver medallion with white and red wrist bands.

Goku 1000 Years Old PNG

Link Download Char: Goku 1000 Year Old V.2 JUS

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