Gohan Beast JUS

The beginning visuals of Gohan’s transformation heavily resemble those of his original Super Saiyan 2 awakening. Gohan’s eyes flicker and spiral from black to red before fully manifesting the form, in which his eyes become fully red with black pupils. In this state, Gohan’s eyebrows turn white, while his hair turns light gray of a similar shade as Perfected Ultra Instinct and lengthens to resemble his Super Saiyan 2 hairstyle as a boy but is even longer, resulting in his overall hair structure tilting backwards to a large degree, and finally with a single large bang in front reaching down to his chin. His aura retains its bluish-white glow, but he also gains a reddish-magenta inner aura shrouded by magenta lightning. The eruption of his ki is so intense it resembles a massive geyser. When using the form, Gohan’s voice deepens and becomes more menacing, akin to the similarly beast-like Super Saiyan 4 form. Upon first transforming, an echo of the young Super Saiyan 2 Gohan’s scream can be heard in tandem with Gohan’s own.

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