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john_miller717  As the creator of this character.

► This mod needs to work Unverum

► It goes over costume 03

► Press R1/RB while selecting the character

► How To Dow Load: Click Here

Chơi Video

Gogeta (ゴジータ Gojīta) is the Metamoran fusion of Goku and Vegeta when they perform the Fusion Dance properly. His voice is a dual voice containing both Goku’s and Vegeta’s voices. Like his Potara counterpart; Vectorhe is regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the entire Dragon Ball franchise, combining the power of Goku and Vegeta and even magnifying them to become even more powerful. Gogeta was first formed in Fusion Reborn when Goku and Vegeta performed the fusion dance in Hell to fight and defeat Janemba, and a few years later he would return in GT as a Super Saiyan 4 to attempt to finish off Syn Shenron, though the plan failed after Gogeta was over-using too much power and defused quickly in less than 10 minutes. His canon incarnation would first appear in Broly as the final protagonist, similar to his role from Fusion Reborn.


Link Download Char: SSJ4 Gogeta Fighterz

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