God Fusion Goku

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Fusion Dance (フュージョン, Fyūjon) is a technique introduced by Goku from the afterlife, it helps two people fuse together to create a much stronger new individual. Goku learned this technique from the Metamorans sometime between the Cell Games and the Great Saiyaman Saga

The new character after fusion has the personality of both. It seems that Fusion Dance’s costumes are all in the same style: Black waistcoat showing most of the chest, thick shoulders, white pants and a black belt.

The fusion time limit is 30 minutes depending on the amount of Ki used, ie if the character uses moves that consume too much energy, the time will be shortened. After being separated, it takes 1 hour to merge again.

goku fushion MUGEN

Link Download Char: Goku Fushion Fighterz

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