Evil Goku is an extremely cruel and heartless person. He can kill anyone without even participating.

About a year after the events of Ginny, Warrior Z begins to enjoy his Christmas holidays. As Christmas approaches, Goku begins to have nightmares about someone who looks like him. English, insult him and destroy everything. To avoid Chi Chi worrying, he had to go to the mountain all the way to the west. Zaiko feels worried for him and wants to go with him, but he responds and doesn’t agree. After a while, Goku returned, but his love changed completely. He becomes short-tempered and often angry. Obstacle for Pan and Bulla. Elder Kame tries to explain and appease his anger but to no avail. Goten and Vegeta also try to help Goku reorganize the calendar files, but Goku rejects them. He decided to return to the snow-oriented volcano. Bardock tries to convince Goku but that only makes him more aggressive and angry. Noticing Goku’s abnormality, Zaiko appears and tries to help Goku get out of this state. At this point Goku deforms data headache, voice becomes urgent and may change normal. Ki’s up and burn black around. In the black fire appeared someone like Goku and admitted himself to be the dark part of Goku (Evil Goku).

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