Every Usopp Lie In One Piece (And If They’ve Come True Yet)

Usopp is a character from the popular Japanese manga and anime One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. He is the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates and initially joins the crew with the reputation of a liar and a coward, known for telling tall tales and running away from danger. However, as the series progresses, some of these tall tales actually come true.

Updated on October 5, 2023 by Kennedy King: The Raid on Onigashima has finally drawn to a close, opening the door for One Piece to enter its highly-anticipated final saga. Although the end of the series is still a distant thought, it’s clear that Usopp still intends to tell plenty of lies before the end of his journey.

14“The Pirates Are Coming!!”

Status: Truth

Captain Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates attacking with his claws.

The first lie fans see from Usopp is in his first appearance, where he loudly declares, “We’re doomed! The pirates are coming!!” while running through his village during the early hours of the morning. This eventually comes true a short time later when the Black Cat Pirates attack Syrup Village.

This story parallels Usopp’s potential namesake, Aesop, the Greek storyteller. Aesop is the one who popularized “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” fable, where a boy keeps telling his village wolves have attacked the sheep flock, but no one believes him when it actually happens. As such, Syrup Village residents do not believe pirates are attacking, even when they are.

13Goldfish Poop So Big, It’s Mistaken For An Island

Status: Truth

A manga panel of Island Eater from One Piece, a lie that came true.

Usopp’s second notable lie about a giant goldfish with excrement big enough to dock a ship on also came true. He once told Kaya a fabricated story about fighting a giant goldfish and landing on its feces, mistaking it for an actual island. This came to actuality by Island Eater, a massive goldfish living near Little Garden.

Island Eater’s existence gave credibility to Usopp’s wild imagination as it was known for consuming entire ships and even whole islands, producing feces big enough to form an uninhabited isle called Nanimonai Island. The giant fish was eventually defeated by giants Dorry and Brogy.

11A Giant Mole Is In The Building

Status: Truth

Miss Merry Christmas from One Piece who has eaten the Mole-Mole Fruit and has two front claws like a mole.

While Usopp was telling Kaya about the encounter with the goldfish, the villain of Usopp’s introduction arc, Captain Kuro of a Hundred Plans in disguise as Kaya’s butler, interrupts to scold Usopp. When asked why he’s on the estate grounds, Usopp replies, “I saw a legendary mole enter this estate. I’m trying to capture him!”

Usopp’s lie about legendary moles comes true when he meets Baroque Works agent Miss Merry Christmas. The consumer of the Mole-Mole Fruit, Miss Merry Christmas, can morph herself into a human-mole hybrid creature, and she tunnels underground to pop up in the ruins of Alabasta.

10“Capture The Dragon!!”

Status: Truth

Dragon Number Thirteen, a large red dragon that guards Punk Hazard.

After the battle for Syrup Village, Usopp decides to disband his mini-crew, the Usopp Pirates. While the four boys share their goals for the future, they reminisce about their shared adventures, one of which is the boys attempting to catch a lizard while Usopp yells, “Capture the dragon!!”

This lie came true over 600 chapters later when Usopp, along with Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Nico Robin, enter the burning island of Punk Hazard. They’re greeted by Dragon Number Thirteen, who has been dutifully guarding Dr. Vegapunk’s lab despite the location being abandoned.

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9“It’s Cerberus!! Pursue Him!!”

Status: Truth

Cerberus, a zombie on Thriller Bark, from One piece.

Similar to the lie regarding Dragon Number Thirteen, in a flashback, we see Usopp and his friends, Pepper, Onion, and Carrot, chasing a village dog. Usopp declares, “It’s Cerberus!! Pursue him!!”

A little over 400 chapters later, Usopp and the Straw Hats encounter Cerberus on Thriller Bark. The Warlord, Gecko Moira, and his employee Dr. Hogback have been reanimating heavily modified corpses, including a creature with two dog heads, and one fox head.

8An Alien Store Owner

Status: Lie

Usopp in shock and fear when he goes over the waterfall in Skypiea - One Piece

In Usopp’s flashback, before he disbands the Usopp Pirates, he warns the kids to stay away from an alien shopkeeper. This is one of his lies that has not come true yet.

There is still time and possibility for this particular Usopp lie to come to fruition. In the manga’s cover stories from 2006 to 2007, the story of Sky Island’s ex-tyrannical ruler, Enel making his way to the moon is laid out. Here, readers learn that the Skypieans, Shandians, and Birkans all come from the moon, which technically makes them alien.

7A Wonder Medicine That Can Cure Any Illness

Status: Lie

Usopp tends to his sick mother, Banchina, in One Piece.

On his mother’s deathbed, Usopp tells Banchina a few lies to keep her spirits up. One is that one day her husband and his father, Yasopp, would return from his voyage to take them away. The second is: “Didn’t you hear about the medicine?! The wonder medicine!! It can cure any illness!! It’s in a land across the ocean!!”

While Yasopp never came back, there’s a good likelihood of this wonder medicine becoming a reality. It is the goal of the Straw Hat’s doctor Tony Tony Chopper to be able to cure anything.

6“I Have 8000 Hardened Killers Behind Me!”

Status: Lie

A pre-timeskip Usopp looking shocked.

As the story goes along, one of the more consistent lies Usopp tells is something along the lines of his personal, massive crew that doesn’t exist. One of the first times fans see it play out is when Usopp tries to single-handedly take on Arlong in Cocoyashi Village.

So far, this particular lie has not become true for Usopp. However, considering his title is now “God Usopp,” it seems there is a possibility for some followers to come along as One Piece enters its final saga.

5“This 30-Million-Berry Reward… Is Mostly For Me”

Status: Truth

Luffy holding up his 30 Million bounty wanted poster next to Usopp.

After Arlong is soundly defeated, Luffy is issued his first wanted poster, but the back of Usopp’s head is tucked right behind his captain’s. Usopp then claims to Vivi, “Rumor has it that the 30-million-Berry reward on this wanted poster is mostly for me.”

Usopp’s lie comes true exactly 320 chapters later, after the Straw Hat’s defeat CP9 on Enies Lobby. The entire crew is issued either their first bounty or increases to their existing bounties. Usopp, as Sogeking, is awarded a 30,000,000 Berry bounty.

4“I Fought A Sea King In The Calm Belt”

Status: Lie

Usopp in One Piece: Stampede crossing his arms and shouting in distress

As the crew and Vivi are near Alabasta, the ship is attacked by the guardian Sea Cat, which frightens Usopp. Vivi stops the crew from attacking the sacred animal, and it retreats, but Usopp is still frightened. To save face in front of Chopper, he claims, “If you think that was strange…you ain’t seen nothing yet. Did I ever tell you about the time I fought a Sea King in the Calm Belt?”

Because Usopp and company spend most of their time on the Grand Line, there has been little exploration into the Calm Belt. The Calm Belt is the windless, current-less strips of ocean that run parallel to either side of the Grand Line, and it’s a nest for dangerous Sea Kings, making this lie a candidate to come true in the future.

3There’s An Island Of Dwarves That Eats Giant Goldfish

Status: Truth

Tontatta Kingdom from One Piece, a miniature village with sprite-like humans who eat goldfish.

When Kaya questioned Usopp about what happened to the giant goldfish that creates the giant poop, he responds, “I chopped it up and took it to a land of little people. They’re still eating it to this day.” Following that, he mentions that his charity caused the little people to revere him. Parts of this become true when Usopp and Robin visit Tontatta Kingdom.

Usopp discovers that in Tontatta Kingdom, the sprite-like Dwarves feast on Fighting Fish, the same type of fish as Island Easter. The Dwarves let Usopp know that because Fighting Fish are so big, and they’re so small, the whole kingdom can live off the kill for several months.

2A Descendant Of Mont Blanc Noland

Status: Lie

Usopp celebrating a successful hit in One Piece.

Usopp’s lack of combat power puts him in a variety of unenviable positions throughout the course of One Piece‘s narrative. One of these moments occurs during the Dressrosa Arc when Usopp and Robin are captured by the Dwarves of Tontatta Kingdom.

In order to escape their circumstances, Usopp tells his captors that he is a descendant of the legendary hero of Tontatta Kingdom, Mont Blanc Noland. The Straw Hat Pirates learned about Noland’s story during the Skypiea Saga, giving Usopp enough knowledge to convince the Dwarves that he was related to the ancient explorer. Currently, there’s no indication that this lie has any validity, but considering how long ago Mont Blanc Noland roamed the seas, it’s entirely possible that he and Usopp are distantly related.

1″I’m A Brave Warrior Of The Sea!”

Status: ???

Usopp from One Piece in his new overalls after the Time Skip

Usopp has always been consistent with his messaging that he is or wants to become a “Brave Warrior of the Sea.” It could be up for debate whether he’s achieved that goal already or not. Usopp has faced beasts, pirates, and Marines of varying strength levels and won plenty of battles.

The criteria for what a “brave warrior of the sea” really is can only be defined by Usopp. As One Piece barrels into Egghead, fans await to see the manifestation of Usopp’s greatest lie yet.

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