Dripstinct Goku JUS

Powers and Abilities: Ki Manipulation, Drip Manipulation, Drip Embodiment, Drip Inducement, Master hand-to-hand Combatant, Fusionism (Along with Drip Vegeta, Goku can fuse into either Guccita or Dripgito) Resistance to Drip Concept Nullification, Existence Erasure, Time Manipulation, Time Erasure, Paradox Manipulation, etc

Attack Potency: Drip level (Fought equally with Ultimate Emerald Frieza 50%, and managed to harm Ultimate Emerald Frieza 100%. Easily defeated Featherine Augustus Aurora, The Creator (Umineko), The One Above All and was able to erase Hajun from existence after looking at him), Drip level+ (Utterly stomped Ultimate Emerald Frieza 1000%, and equaled Ultimate Emerald Frieza ???% in combat) | Drip level++ (Harmed Ult. Titanium Frieza) | Divinely Drip level (Somewhat harmed suppressed Goku Black) | Supremely Swaging level (Annihilated all of Dragon Ball X effortlessly)

Link Download Char: Dripstinct Goku JUS

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