My Hero Academia 379: Shigaraki Tomura Reclaims His Body – For Good This Time

   Shigaraki Tomura and All For One have clashed for control over the former’s body, but Shigaraki finally takes it over again in MHA Chapter 379.

   The following contains major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 379, “Hopes” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media. my hero academia all for one shigaraki


   My Hero Academia’s mastermind of villainy, All For One claimed to have achieved a perfect fusion between himself and Shigaraki Tomura. However, the latter’s latest actions prove that is far from the case.

   After months of his body being puppeteered by his former master, Shigaraki has finally managed to completely purge All For One from within himself. Unlike the previous incidents where his personality managed to assert itself for just a precious few seconds, this time it looks like Shigaraki is here to stay.

   How Shigaraki Tomura Overcame All For One in MHA 379

All For One having a short meltdown before Shigaraki begins to emerge from within him


   Upon realizing Lady Nagant was responsible for the bullets that destroyed both his palms, All For One began to spiral. Since he prided himself on being able to read people and ascertain their loyalties, the idea that she would be the one to foil his plans at such a critical moment outraged him. He angrily began to rant about her inconsistent shift in allegiances to himself, and that moment of confused indignation gave Shigaraki Tomura the leverage he needed to begin his counterattack.

   In the heat of My Hero Academia’s final war, the question of the true owner of Shigaraki’s body has added another layer of confusion. All For One was always the dominant personality in their perverse fusion, but Shimura Tenko’s continual reemergence suggested the former wasn’t as in control as he professed to be. Shigaraki’s childhood personality suddenly popping up in the middle of the war never made sense until Chapter 379, when the villain revealed that it was all part of his attempt to reclaim his own origin — before All For One ever tainted him.

   When Shigaraki agreed to host the All For One Quirk in his body, he had no idea of the implications it would have for his autonomy. When he realized All For One was slowly taking him over, he made his displeasure at the arrangement known, and even though his consciousness was forced into the backseat of his own mind, has been making plans to regain control of his body. He continued to strengthen his own vestige bit by bit through focusing on his hatred of his abusive home and is now strong enough to openly challenge All For One’s.

   Shigaraki Is Free of All For One – But He’s Still Deku’s Villain

Shigaraki Tomura falling through the sky and saying “The Destruction of Everything Stemming From That House”


   Shigaraki is currently subjugating his master’s vestige very similarly to how All For One did his in the Paranormal Liberation War. He’s identified the core of his being and is using the overwhelming hatred of his former home — and the hero society at large — to erase All For One’s vestige from his being. By divesting himself from All For One’s pursuit of the One For All Quirk, he is once again in full control of his own actions. He’s finally achieved the perfect form he sought when he agreed to undergo Dr. Garaki’s empowerment procedure: a fully-realized Shigaraki endowed with All For One’s remaining Quirks.

   Interestingly, this new development hasn’t altered Midoriya Izuku’s stance one bit. Even though Shigaraki is free from All For One’s oppression, he’s still dead set on bringing about destruction to everything connected to his house. Since he blames the hero society at large for his woes as a child, his plans for total destruction are still very much on track. Even so, Deku refuses to ignore the version of Shimura Tenko he witnessed when their vestige worlds collided and is intent on saving him.

   Shigaraki claims the only thing that can save him is the complete annihilation of hero society — which Deku is sworn to protect, leaving the two at an impasse. My Hero Academia is closer to its conclusion than ever, and the series’ stakes continue to rise higher in reflecting that.

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