One Piece: Every Version of Luffy’s Gear Four, Explained

Chapter 1072 of One Piece suggests that Stussy of CP0 is connected to a self-proclaimed Whitebeard ex, which would explain a lot about both of them.

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   The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072, “The Weight of Memory,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

   Of all the mysteries One Piece still needs to uncover, there have been at least two big ones surrounding women. One is regarding the identity of Bakkin, an old lady claiming to be the former lover of Whitebeard. The other concerns Stussy, an agent of CP0. Recently, however, something might have been presented that connects the two.

   Chapter 1072, “The Weight of Memory,” revealed that Stussy is a clone of a former Rocks Pirate named Buckingham Stussy. Additionally, she is the first successful clone experiment by MADS, a now-defunct group of scientists. These few facts say a lot about Stussy, and if she’s related to Bakkin, then it says a lot about her, too.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Pages 16-17


   The connection between Buckingham Stussy and Bakkin comes from how their names are written in Japanese. Bakkin (バッキン) and Buckingham (バッキンガム) both start similarly in Japanese, which has led people to believe that Bakkin is actually a shortened version of Buckingham. If this is true, then the rōmaji transliteration Bakkin is meant to be spelled “Buckin.” There has been some debate about this transliteration for a while, but Chapter 1072’s revelation may have just confirmed the answer.

   This wouldn’t be the first time in the One Piece franchise where a nickname didn’t translate well into English. The main villain of the One Piece: Unlimited World Red game, Red the Aloof, had the real name Patrick Redfield (パトリック・レッドフィールド) and was therefore known as “Pato” (パト) in his youth. It would normally be impossible to derive “Pato” from “Patrick” in English, but it works in this case because of the way the Japanese language works.

   Going off of the assumption that Stussy is Bakkin’s clone, that says a lot about the former. It would mean that Bakkin used to sail with the Rocks Pirates, which would confirm the rumor that she sailed on the same crew as Whitebeard. This would give further credence to her claim that Edward Weevil is her and Whitebeard’s biological son.

   Stussy being Bakkin’s clone might also explain the mystery girl on the cover story of Chapter 1070, “The Strongest Form of Humanity.” In Volume 27 of “”Germa 66’s Aahh… An Emotionless Excursion,” titled “Promising Scientists, Brought Together for the Sake of Mankind and the World,” the young members of MADS were shown; this included Queen, Caesar Clown, Dr. Vegapunk, Judge Vinsmoke, and a woman who was facing away from the audience. This mystery girl seemed to be a younger Stussy based on her clothes and haircut, but this might have actually been a young Bakkin who cloned herself. At the very least, Bakkin’s age should match up to the mystery girl much better than Stussy’s.

   As for how all of this ties into the ongoing Egghead Arc, that remains to be seen. This reveal may be meant to show just how dangerous Stussy can be. After all, if she represents a former Rocks Pirate in her prime, that could lead to some serious trouble for anyone who has to deal with her. Anyone who doesn’t believe that can ask the Awakened Kaku she just brought down with ease.

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