Devilman JUS

Devilman was once a boy named Akira Fudo, who lost his family in an accident in the polar regions during research by Demons, led by Lucifer. However, things went to somewhat good when he lived with his love interest, Miki. Sadly he never forgave the demons leader for what happened, and made a vow to not let it happen to anyone else. It was then he met Aaron Matsuhiro, and his friends. He told the group his story and became really good friends with them. One day, out of all things to appear, was a demon, revealed to be none other than, Devimon. He tried to bring destruction to Akira’s world, and took Miki as a result, trying to turn her into a Heartless. Akira was almost devastated, but fortunately, Aaron gave him a special crystal when he finally found something he wanted most, Miki. In order to rescue her, he made a wish to grant him special powers to fight of Devimon.

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