Devil Mario JUS

During the events of Power Star 2, Mario sets his sights on killing Princess Peach; but just in time — Luigi jumped in and battled his brother. This battle continues to the events of Power Star 3, where Mario has already a few Power Stars he starts overpowering Luigi more and more. He then reveals that, while Luigi has been focused on saving his brother, he let the Boos possess an army of Toads and attack and acquire every Power Star in the entire Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi uses the last of his power to escape from Mario and reveals that he won’t stop trying to save his brother from the Boos’ grasp, even though the army is approaching as they speak. After stomping Luigi one last time, Mario absorbs the Great Power Star; thus powering up drastically. Finally, Mario kills Luigi by shoving a sword through his head, and Peach suffers of the same fate, being killed as well.

Link Download Char: Death Battle JUS

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