Comic Garou V.2

Version: 1.1

License: Freeware

 File Size: 32 MB

OS: Window + Mobile

Author:Edit Dark Night

 Language: English

Category: Anime


Downloads:  …

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Garou (ガロウ, Garō; Viz: Garo) is a villain, a martial arts prodigy, the self-proclaimed “Hero Hunter,” and a major adversary of the Hero Association and Monster Association. He is a disciple of Bang and was once expelled from his dojo for going on a rampage.Because of his fascination with monsters, he is commonly called the “Human Monster.” Sitch of the Hero Association views him as a grave threat to the organization despite being only a human.

After the Monster Association incident, Garou is currently being rehabilitated under Bang, who has retired from being a hero and is intending for Garou to fill the hole he has left.

Link Download Char: Comic Garou JUS

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