Similar to very young children, Cell Juniors are curious, mischievous, and playful, but also enjoy harming others, toying with their opponents as well as drawing them in with taunts (at least prior to being tamed by 17). They are obedient, following Cell’s orders in the beginning and later Android 17’s orders when he tames them. Akin to Cell, they are very confident of their abilities in battle. When faced with a difficult opponent, they will resort to attacking in numbers and use all of their genetically inherited techniques. They are normally eager to fight but are prone to panic and fear if an enemy can withstand their combined might and, as a last resort, will try to escape if possible.

After being tamed, they become protective and territorial of Monster Island, attacking anyone they do not perceive as a Park Ranger, including Goten and Trunks before they noticed their Ranger uniforms and departed on peaceful terms, viewing them as fellow protectors of the island.

Link Download Char: Cell JR JUS

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