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This One Piece Character Was Surely Inspired By Michael Jackson

One Piece features a truly enormous cast of characters, and author Eiichiro Oda needs diverse sources of inspiration to design them all. Longtime fans know that Oda often recreated famous pirates like Edward Teach and Anne Bonny, but he also borrowed designs from Japanese actors and even Jim Carrey movie characters. This real-life figure inspiration […]

Why Vegeta Hasn’t Defeated a Major Villain in Dragon Ball Super – And Probably Never Will

The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s “Granolah the Survivor” arc by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Brandon Bovia and Caleb Cook, now available in English through Viz Media. Dragon Ball Super‘s “Granolah the Survivor” Saga featured multiple titanic battles for both Goku and Vegeta. The first clashes came with their enemy-turned-ally Granolah, then they all […]

Why This Studio Deen Fantasy Horror Anime Is So Hated

In 2014, anime audiences were taken aback to discover that the studio that produced masterpieces such as Wolf Children, Akira and Kiki’s Delivery Service was behind something as unfathomably bad as Pupa. Anime may be a very free form of artistic expression in many cases, but sometimes, the stories are so bizarre or oddly executed […]

One Piece Vivi Cosplay Brings the Princess of Arabasta to Life With Breathtaking Accuracy

Inspired by the current story arc of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, a talented fan shares their Nefertari Vivi cosplay. The creation of Reddit user Petra, the costume spotlights the princess’s signature light blue hair and features an appropriately regal dress. One of the pictures that the cosplayer uploaded on Reddit includes an adorable plush version […]

Why Rurouni Kenshin Creator Nobuhiro Watsuki Is Controversial

The following contains sensitive content, including discussion of pedophilia. In September 2017, fans of the samurai manga Rurouni Kenshin were excited to see manga-ka Nobuhiro Watsuki return to writing with Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc; however, publication of the series was suspended three months later, as Watsuki was arrested on charges of possession of child-pornography DVDs […]

One Piece Capone Cosplay Comes to Life in Eerily Accurate Cosplay

A member of One Piece’s Worst Generation is brought to life in a spot-on recreation. Uploaded on Reddit and created by cosgojaseggi1, the Capone “Gang” Bege cosplay showcases a very accurate interpretation of the mafia don-turned-pirate; hints of his Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, which basically makes Bege a miniature fortress, can be seen throughout the costume. […]

One-Punch Man Illustrator Celebrates Eyeshield 21’s Anniversary With Anime Announcement

One-Punch Man‘s artist is celebrating the anniversary of his work Eyeshield 21 in style. Before working on One-Punch Man, Yusuke Murata worked on many series. One is Eyeshield 21, which he illustrated in July 2002 with Riichiro Inagaki writing. To mark the monumental 21st anniversary, Murata announced a new animated work called BRAINxBRAVE. Like his […]

One Piece Creator’s High Praise For Jujutsu Kaisen’s Mangaka

From one great to another, One Piece‘s mangaka had nothing but glowing comments for Jujutsu Kaisen‘s mangaka. Translated by Jさん ( ֊’ ‘֊) (@/soukatsu_), Eiichiro Oda, the mangaka for One Piece, wrote about the first time he met the elusive and enigmatic creator of Jujutsu Kaisen. “I got to talk properly with [Gege] Akutami-san at […]

12 Worst Things About Anime & Manga Fandom

The definition of someone who appreciates anime and manga has changed a lot over time. Anime is more accessible than ever before, and there are such diverse series out there that cater to all ages and interests. Anime and manga continue to reach greater heights, making it unfortunate when the reputation surrounding enthusiastic fandom can […]