Broly ( Academy ) JUS

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Broly’s overall character and the general design of his famous Legendary Super Saiyan state was created by Akira Toriyama (who created the full powered golden hair variant) as well as Takao Koyama. The latter in particular was inspired to create a powerful and menacing Saiyan villain due to watching the transformation sequence of Future Trunks into the Super Saiyan Third Grade in the episode “Trunks Ascends”. In his notes for the design of the character, Toriyama mentions that Broly, unlike other Saiyans, does not wear the standard Saiyan Battle Armor due to them being standard issue for Frieza’s forces, and Broly is not affiliated with that group. He also added a note regarding a particular concept art depicting him with a tail that he doesn’t mind whether or not he has a tail, leaving it ambiguous as to whether or not he had one in the film. He also noted that he slightly redesigned his hair for his next film appearance.

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