Bowser JUS

King Bowser Koopa Sr. ( lit.“Great Demon King Koopa”?) in English also Lord Bowser, King Koopa commonly in other media) is the main antagonist of Nintendo’s Mario franchise and is the archenemy of Mario. Bowser most commonly kidnaps Princess Peach, with whom he has unrequited love for, so he can make her his queen. He is the leader of the Koopa race. Although Bowser has joined forces with Mario in a few games, he repeatedly kidnaps Princess Peach and attempts to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom since his first appearance in Super Mario Bros.. But Bowser isn’t all bad. There was one, if not a couple exceptions of Bowser being a good guy. One such game is Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. In the game, Bowser inhales Mario and Luigi, and the Mario Bros end up helping Bowser.

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