Bardock JUS

As noted by Raditz and Frieza, Bardock bears a striking resemblance to Goku: he is a tall man of muscular built with black hair. His hair is unkempt with three bangs hanging to the right of his forehead and two hanging to the left. His hair also stands up in the front with five spikes and four in the back. Unlike his younger son, he has a tanner skin tone, and his eyes are more defined and sterner, much like his elder son. Arguably his most distinctive trait is the long thick, rough scar running down his left cheek. Like most Universe 7 Saiyans, he has a long prehensile tail with brown fur which generally keeps secured around his waist akin to a belt. He wears a dark blue and green Battle Armor, dark blue combat pants, long red armbands with matching leg warmers, a green Scouter on his left eye, and black and green boots. Later, Bardock adopts Tora’s blood-soaked armband as a headband when he fights Team Dodoria on Planet Meat, which he retains when he attempts to kill Frieza.

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