Ayato Kirishima JUS

Ayato Kirishima JUS

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Ayato was a lean young man, with blue eyes and long, blue messy hair which swept down in front of his eyes. He bore a striking resemblance to his sister and had a rough-looking, rebellious image. He wore a hooded, long-sleeved black leather jacket, and black pants, along with knee-high black boots. Ayato also had a piercing on his left ear, and usually wore a ring on the pinky finger of his right hand.

In the anime, Ayato was mostly seen wearing a black mask with spires, as well as a black overcoat with a white fur collar.

After the timeskip, Ayato had grown noticeably taller, and was seen wearing shin-high black boots and a long, black coat over his clothes.

Ayato possessed multiple black masks. The first one had red eyes and a sharp-toothed grin, which he used during the Aogiri Arc. His most frequently-seen mask bore a rabbit design, earning him the moniker of “Black Rabbit.” During the auction, he wore a very basic, vaguely conical mask which covered only the lower half of his face.

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