Atomic Samurai JUS

Version: 1.1

License: Freeware

 File Size: 60 MB

OS: Window + Mobile

Author:Justin kaiser

 Language: English

Category: Anime


Downloads:  …

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Atomic Samurai has a rather arrogant, condescending and jocular personality, as seen when he refused to shake Saitama’s hand, telling him that he only acknowledges the strong, and telling Saitama that he would greet him properly only if he makes it to the higher ranks of S-Class. He also appears to be quite sensitive about being called middle-aged. Kamikaze looks out for his disciples and pushes them to do their best, as seen when his disciple, Iaian, lost his arm, he refused to let his swordsmanship end. However, what he hates the most is being disregarded as a weakling, as he almost loses his composure when Sweet Mask declared Kamikaze weaker than him.

Link Download Char: Atomic JUS

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