Aoi Todo JUS

Aoi Todo is a tall young man that stands about the same height as Satoru Gojo[3]. He has a very defined, heavy muscular build and relatively tan skin. He has small black eyes and shoulder-length black hair that is almost always tied into a top-knot bun. One of his most notable features is the large scar running down the left side of Todo’s face that he got from harsh training with Yuki.

While Todo does sport his jujutsu high uniform, he usually takes his jacket off and rips the undershirt either before or during the battle. He usually dons martial arts pants and slippers. Todo’s choice of pants is very loose and stops above the ankle with a bright blue sash wrapped around the waist. He wore a tennis-type of outfit while playing ping-pong with Mei Mei, sporting a collared shirt and shorts rather than his normal outfit.

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