Android 18’s 9 Biggest Accomplishments In Dragon Ball

   Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball continues to chronicle the courageous adventures of Goku and the rest of Earth’s strongest heroes as they fight to protect their planet and achieve greater power. Artificial Android fighters have become commonplace in the Dragon Ball universe.

   Some of these machines, like Android 18, have become evergreen allies. Android 18 is both powerful and popular, but she’s also responsible for some incredible achievements that prove that she’s Dragon Ball’s top Android.

   9 Android 18 Dominates The World Martial Arts Tournament

Android 18 puts Mr. Satan in a headlock in World Martial Arts Tournament in Dragon Ball Z


   The World Martial Arts Tournament is a friendly competitive tradition in the Dragon Ball universe that’s a fun way for Earth’s fighters to prove their strength in a controlled environment. The 25th installment of this competition unleashes Android 18’s fury, and Mr. Satan receives a harsh reminder that his alleged strength is greatly exaggerated.

   Android 18 agrees to throw her fight against Satan in exchange for the prize money, which helps him keep up his powerful imposter act. Buu goes on to fill this runner-up role in subsequent World Martial Arts Tournaments, but the impact made by Android 18 isn’t forgotten.

   8 Android 18 Starts A Family With Krillin

Android 18 watches a fight with Krillin and Marron in Dragon Ball Super


   One of the most heartwarming aspects of Dragon Ball is how its hardened fighters are able to find love and build families as they learn to better appreciate domestic life and its simple pleasures. An especially unexpected Dragon Ball romance is experienced between Android 18 and Krillin, which leads to the birth of their daughter, Marron.

   Marron is still a child, and it’s unclear if she’ll decide to follow in her parents’ footsteps when it comes to martial arts. Some may not equate finding a family with saving the planet, but Android 18’s ability to rise above her original programming is a testament to her growth and independence.

   7 Android 18 Helps Train Goten & Trunks

Android 18 spars with Super Saiyan Goten and Trunks in Dragon Ball Z


   There are so many powerful Dragon Ball characters that it’s a little surprising that these tried and tested warriors don’t constantly volunteer their skills to better help prepare the next generation for whatever evil arises. Goten and Trunks are briefly treated like humanity’s greatest hope for survival, especially when they’re fused together into Gotenks.

   Goten and Trunks are incredibly enthusiastic towards combat, but they lack the fundamentals. Android 18 graciously finds the time to help these two refine their sparring skills, both through training and direct combat.

   6 Android 18 Humbles Super Vegeta

Android 18 breaks Vegeta's arm in Dragon Ball Z


   Android 18 only grows stronger throughout the course of Dragon Ball, but she makes her debut under fairly terrifying circumstances where Future Trunks teases the true danger of these Androids. The Android invasion is an important period of change in the series, and Vegeta is in the middle of riding a wave of confidence after he reveals his Super Saiyan form and proceeds to destroy Android 19.

   Vegeta is so confident about his upgraded strength that he begins to refer to himself as Super Vegeta. The Saiyan’s hubris finally gets knocked down a peg after his fight against Android 18, who doesn’t struggle to defeat the Super Saiyan.

   5 Android 18 Is Responsible For Getting The Androids’ Self-Destruct Bombs Removed

The Androids' bomb remote control in Dragon Ball Z


   During their initial appearance, Dr. Gero equipped the Androids with self-destruct devices for when victory is otherwise impossible. Dragon Ball’s heroes briefly obtain the remote that can set off these Androids and take them out of the picture.

   However, Krillin’s growing infatuation with Android 18 inspires him to make a selfless Dragon Ball wish where Android 18 and 17’s bombs are removed. Android 18 would likely always be a liability on some level without this safeguard, but Android 18’s personality makes it possible.

   4 Android 18 Assists In The Fight Against Majin Buu

Android 18 gets surprised by Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z


   There’s always another villain who’s ready to dismantle Dragon Ball’s status quo whenever it seems like peace has been restored to the planet. Majin Buu is an ancient evil that’s far greater than anything that the heroes have previously experienced and even fusion, Super Saiyan 3, and Gohan’s Ultimate upgrade aren’t enough to defeat this villain.

   Android 18 does her part against this enemy, which tragically results in her being consumed by the Majin menace. What’s important here is that Android 18 is still willing to take on Buu, even when the odds are against her. She’ll do whatever is necessary to defend her loved ones.

   3 Android 18 Sacrifices Herself To Protect Android 17 In The Tournament Of Power

Android 18 defeats Ribrianne during the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super


   Tournaments are par for the course in Dragon Ball, but Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power presents unprecedented pressure in a multiversal battle royale competition where the losers will face the erasure of their universe. Universe 7 assembles their best and brightest and it’s no surprise that Android 18 makes the cut.

   18 is responsible for several important eliminations during the Tournament of Power, but she also bravely sacrifices herself to protect her surrogate Android sibling. What’s so special about this gesture is that Android 17 is ultimately responsible for Universe 7’s Tournament of Power victory, which would not be possible without 18’s contributions.

   2 Android 18 Is Essential In The Fight Against Moro

Android 18 and 17 kick Moro in Dragon Ball Super manga


   Dragon Ball Super’s anime triumphantly concludes with the Tournament of Power. Yet, the corresponding manga has gone much deeper into the series’ story, including the introduction of several new villains. Planet-Eater Moro is a malevolent magic user who’s harboring a million-year grudge against the Galactic Patrol that imprisoned him.

   Moro’s escape and subsequent bid for power pushes the heroes to surpass their previous limits. Android 18 doesn’t deliver the finishing blow against Moro or his reinforcements, but she still proudly defends justice and does her best to prevent Moro from doing even greater damage to the universe.

   1 Android 18 Is One Of Dragon Ball’s Strongest Female Fighters

Android 18 destroys a city in Future Trunks' timeline in Dragon Ball


   There are dozens of deadly fighters in Dragon Ball, but by and large these are male warriors. A handful of powerful female fighters have emerged over the years, such as Kale, Caulifla, Videl, and even Chi-Chi, but Android 18 puts most of them to shame.

   Android 18 is one of the few female characters who actively trains and works towards greater strength. Android 18 is always ready to fight when she’s needed, and it’s why she’s also become a popular addition to Dragon Ball video games and crossovers, like the anime’s collaboration with Fortnite.

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