Android 17’s 9 Biggest Accomplishments In Dragon Ball

   Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball doesn’t stray too far from the standard battle shonen staples, but each new storyline teases greater dangers as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and the rest of Earth’s heroes ward off evil and celebrate justice. Dragon Ball loves a good redemption story, and it’s not unusual for the anime’s villains to wind up fighting alongside their former rivals.

   Android 17 is a feared foe who largely disappears following the events of the Cell Saga, only to return in a very big way during the climax of Dragon Ball Super. Android 17 occasionally struggles to shake his problematic past, but he’s also responsible for some major wins that have changed Dragon Ball in monumental ways.

   9 He Wins The Tournament Of Power For Universe 7

Android 17 wins the Tournament of Power and makes wish in Dragon Ball Super


   Dragon Ball’s heroes have gotten quite comfortable needing to prove their strength through martial arts competitions and feats of strength. However, Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power features considerably higher stakes as it pits the strongest fighters from across the multiverse against each other in a ruthless battle royale free-for-all.

   Universe 7 assembles an exceptional team, but even Goku’s Ultra Instinct strength falls short. In a surprise turn of events, it’s Android 17 who comes out on top and secures the existence of the multiverse through his selfless wish upon the Super Dragon Balls.

Android 17 once again kills Dr. Gero in Dragon Ball GT


   Dragon Ball GT picks up from the end of Dragon Ball Z but goes in a wildly different direction than what’s subsequently been explored in Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball GT takes some time to find its footing, but there’s still a lot to appreciate in it, including the ways in which it brings back forgotten villains.

   Goku’s defeat of Dr. Myuu leads to him meeting Dr. Gero in hell, and the two devise an apocalyptic scheme that hinges upon Android 17. These evil scientists create Hell Fighter 17, who fuses with the original and becomes the deadly Super 17, who’s nearly too much for Goku and Vegeta to handle.

   7 He Donates Energy To Goku’s Spirit Bomb Against Kid Buu

Android 17 donates energy to Goku's Super Spirit Bomb in Dragon Ball Z


   Goku’s prolonged battle against Kid Buu becomes a powerful and poignant finish to Dragon Ball Z. Goku panics when Super Saiyan 3 strength fails to get the job done, but he’s still able to turn to his reliable Spirit Bomb maneuver to eradicate this ancient evil. Goku collects energy from the entire planet’s population for his Super Spirit Bomb.

   This includes several familiar faces who haven’t been seen in years. There’s a brief glimpse of Android 17 who graciously donates his power to Goku’s attack. Android 17 contains such tremendous power that it’s even possible that his energy donation is what pushes Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb past its normal limits.

   6 He Has A Loving Family That He Keeps Out Of Harm’s Way

Android 17 enjoys a hot drink and reflects upon his family in Dragon Ball Super


   When it comes to Dragon Ball’s Androids, it’s typically No. 18 who’s thought of when it comes to family values. Android 18 starts a family with Krillin, and their daughter, Marron, stays along the sidelines. Android 17 spends a lot of time off the grid, but he reveals that he’s also found love and built a family of his own during his years away from battle.

    Dragon Ball Super doesn’t provide an extensive look at 17’s family, but it’s telling that he chooses to keep them out of danger and doesn’t bring them along to watch his battles. It’s a responsible perspective that’s helped his loved ones stay safe.

   5 He Claims More Z-Fighter Lives In Future Trunks’ Timeline

Android 17 kills Yamcha in Future Trunks' timeline in Dragon Ball Z


   Android 17 and 18 eventually become essential allies in Dragon Ball’s ongoing fight against evil, but they’re both introduced under horrific circumstances. These Androids are no laughing matter in Dragon Ball’s prime timeline, but they’re shown to be even more ruthless in Future Trunks’ fractured future world.

   Androids 17 and 18 are responsible for the deaths of all of the Z-Fighters, including an adult Super Saiyan version of Gohan. Future 17 and 18 work in tandem, but Future 17 accrues a slightly higher body count when it comes to this apocalyptic dystopia’s loss of its legends.

    4 He Teaches Goten & Trunks Valuable Lessons

Goten and Trunks, with Marron, on Monster Island reserve in Dragon Ball Super manga


   Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power gives a reason for Android 17 to jump back into action, but before he can properly commit himself to this cause, he first needs to find someone who can carry on his duties at Monster Island’s wildlife reserve. Goten and Trunks are deemed to be too young for the Tournament of Power, so Android 17 appoints them to pick up the slack in his stead.

   So many adults completely forget about Goten and Trunks during this multiversal strife. However, Android 17 helps the children find structure and responsibility while they’re on their own.

   3 He Conquers Top Namekian Strength

Android 17 punches Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z


   Dragon Ball introduces Androids 19 and 20 before their stronger successors, 17 and 18, come into play. The heroes are feeling relatively confident in their newfound strength prior to their altercations with the Androids, but this positivity quickly begins to drain from the protagonists.

Android 17 sets his sights on Piccolo, who’s just received a substantial power boost following his fusion with Kami. Piccolo still can’t gain the upper hand against Android 17 during their fight, which causes the heroes to second-guess their odds against Cell.

   2 He Provides Crucial Help To The Galactic Patrol Against Moro

Androids 17 and 18 attack Moro in Dragon Ball Super manga


   A series of new villains have tested the heroes’ strength in the latest volumes of the Dragon Ball Super manga. Planet-Eater Moro is a maniacal magic user who’s developed a million-year-long vendetta against his Galactic Patrol captors. Moro’s jailbreak nearly results in the destruction of Universe 7, but Earth’s strongest do everything in their power to defend against this villain and his reinforcements.

   Android 17 does his best against Moro as well as his top general, Seven-Three. It’s ultimately Goku who receives the win, but success wouldn’t be possible without Android 17’s help.

   1 He Atones By Protecting A Wildlife Reserve

Android 17 and Goku on Monster Island wildlife reserve in Dragon Ball Super


   Dragon Ball Super brings back many fan-favorite characters the franchise has neglected, like Future Trunks and Android 17. Android 17 reveals that he’s spent the past years doing good in the world through his actions at a wildlife reserve.

   Android 17 makes sure that the forest’s ecosystem remains in balance and that it’s not subjected to random attacks. Most characters in Dragon Ball don’t fully apply themselves to spreading good in the world, which is a testament to Android 17’s growth and purity. He doesn’t shirk these responsibilities.

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