Giga Chad JUS

The Gigachad is a version of Chad that is on a copious amount of illegal substances. The GigaChad is the creation of Gad who attempted make a being stronger than the Essence of Chad. He was created as the figure one step above Chad, but was dropped from canon in favor of Thad because his design was considered too bland, being used in almost no memes anymore. The Gigachad is a total exaggeration of the original Chad’s features including: A bigger Bulge, A shirt that says “Zoom!” instead of the traditional “Ouch!” and a Yellow beard to name a few. He stands above Chad but below Lad.He might be Thad’s and Chad’s Older cousin but no one know’s for sure. He is the counterpart to Neck Beard.

Link Download Char: Giga Chad JUS

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